Why Exercise Bands Are More Effective Than a Gym Membership

Why Exercise Bands Are More Effective Than a Gym Membership

Why Exercise Bands Are More Effective Than a Gym Membership

Key Takeaways

  • Resistance bands are proven to provide the same low-impact workout as free weights and machines used at the gym
  • Each band exerts a particular amount of force on your muscles when stretched and can be used in both upper and lower body training
  • Having a set of resistance bands can really help if you can’t get to the gym, or if you want to train at home without taking up loads of space

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I like gyms. I really do. I like the atmosphere of everyone working hard toward their goals, and I like the virtually limitless options.

I don’t like the getting up and going.
I don’t like that it’s five miles from my house instead of in my house.
I don’t like that I sometimes feel intimidated by the “bodybuilders” there.
And I really don’t like that I have to pay for it.

Gym memberships are expensive. And if you’ve ever calculated how many times you need to go each month to make it worth it, you’ve probably realised it’s difficult to reach.

Ditch the gym. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life anymore.

Solution: Get a TheraBand Resistance Band instead. Why?

theraband roll

It’s like a one-time gym membership fee.

Studies have shown that resistance bands are capable of providing the same workout as free weights and machines used at the gym.

Plus, you won’t be as affected by inexperience. Inexperienced gym goers tend to lift free weights and use machines incorrectly, leading to injury, increased fatigue, and ineffective workouts.

Resistance bands allow you to use your body weight and your ability to create an effective workout.

There are a million resistance band workout videos online, catered to your ability level and time availability.

The Advantages of Resistance Bands

resistance band being used by woman

  1. Free Movement: The flexibility of resistance bands allows you to use your full range of motion, allowing you to target muscles you didn’t even know you had.
  2. Joint Protection: Unlike free weights, resistance bands don’t put any additional pressure on your joints. You never have to worry about causing injury because you decided to lift a too-heavy weight.
  3. Economical: Resistance bands are significantly cheaper than traditional weights and obviously way, way, WAY cheaper than heavy machinery.
  4. Portable: Resistance bands are the ideal travel partner: they’re small, lightweight, and don’t critique your driving.
  5. No Gym Membership Required: I saved the best for last. I really, really hate gym memberships, remember? You don’t need one of those. All you need is a TheraBand (and a couple rock bands on your workout playlist) and you’re ready to sweat.

The Best Resistance Band

If you’re going to drop your gym membership, you should get the best exercise band. And the best band is one that has loops.

Check out the TheraBand CLX for exercising anywhere. The loops let you do even more exercises using just one band.


Ready to get started? Skip the gym and try a few of these exercises at home instead.

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