Thera°Pearl® in the press

Thera°Pearl® in the press

Therapearl is a 2-in1 solution which gives people a simple yet effective alternative to oral medication. And our experts love it too! With a variety of products which target all those problematic areas, Therapearl has it covered…literally.

The Ultimate Alternative to Popping a Pill…

Expert Verdict:

“Applied cold, this will help to reduce pain and swelling immediately after a muscle or tendon injury, by reducing blood flow and inflammation.
For long term pain, its better used warm – this helps dilate blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to damaged areas to relax muscles and speed healing. Warmth will also help override pain sensations”
Mail Online – 19th Semptember 2017

The power of pearls
“A clever little cool pack, which is made of tiny pearls that stay pliable, even when frozen, allowing you to mould it to your aching knee, ankle or quad” Summer 2017

Keeping the Niggles in check with Thera°Pearl®.

“It’s perfect for wrapping round and moulding to any sore spots. It even secures with a Velcro strap…It’s a perfect little package to have in your cupboard, should you have any niggles or sore spots during your winter training. It could even be a good Christmas present for the runner in your life”
Run 247

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