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  • PROCAST accessories for splinting, casting, and bracing
  • Field tested for safe and effective treatment
  • Designed to work perfectly with WOODCAST
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PROCAST Hook and Loop

Hook and Loops for Woodcast provide a reliable adhesive hook and loop solution for orthoses, ensuring a secure and robust hold. When using this in bracing or support applications, this hook and loop system offers exceptional strength, keeping orthotic devices firmly in place for optimal stability and support.

PROCAST Edging Tape

Edging Tape offers a versatile solution for finishing, protecting, and padding any hard edges. Measuring 3cm x 7.5m and available in black, this edging tape is specifically designed for use with Woodcast materials, providing professionals with a practical tool for various applications. Whether used in orthopedic casting or splinting, this edging tape ensures a clean and professional finish while also providing added protection and comfort for patients.

PROCAST Soft Sling, Shoulder Immobilizer

The Procast Soft Arm Sling is a reliable solution for those in need of arm support during injury recovery or post-operative care. Designed with utmost attention to detail, this sling offers both comfort, adjustability, and convenience. Secured with hook & loop "Y" hooks, it ensures a secure fit, preventing unwanted shifting or slipping. Packaging contains two Soft Arm Slings.

PROCAST Adhesive AirPadding

The lightweight and breathable design not only protects and cushions wounds but also allows the skin to breathe naturally. This innovative padding can be effortlessly cut, shaped, and adjusted to fit the contours of the wound area, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Its adhesive backing securely adheres to the skin without causing discomfort or irritation. Measures 40cm x 3.5m.

PROCAST Scissors

  • Lister Casting Scissors: Designed with a strong and durable construction, featuring sharp, precision blades that allow for precise and clean cutting. They are instrumental in orthopedic applications where casts need to be removed or adjusted, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients.
  • Curved Nibbler Scissors: Designed with a curved blade, which enables precise trimming and modification of casting materials. When applying casts to patients, orthopedic professionals often encounter irregular or uneven surfaces, and the curved nibbler scissors allow them to make intricate cuts and adjustments with ease,

Brand Dassiet
  • PROCAST accessories for splinting, casting, and bracing
  • Field tested for safe and effective treatment
  • Designed to work perfectly with WOODCAST
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