Days Folding Steel Walking Stick

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  • Designed for support and convenience
  • Easy to grip contour handle
  • Height adjustable to fit any user
  • Powder-coated steel frame is durable and great for long-term use
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Foldable Walking Stick for Traveling

This walking stick folds for easy storage and allows patients to have a mobility aid wherever they go. The walking stick features a non-marking rubber tip and is made from powder-coated steel. It comes with a polythene storage wallet to store and transport the stick.


Maximum user weight of 125 kg / 19 1/2 st

A-Handle to ground

  • 091356914 - 85-95 cm (33-37")
  • 091356922 - 74-83.5 cm (29-33")

Learn More about Days: Trust in Motion

Brand Days
  • Designed for support and convenience
  • Easy to grip contour handle
  • Height adjustable to fit any user
  • Powder-coated steel frame is durable and great for long-term use
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Days® Walking Sticks

Available in various styles.

  • Designed to provide support, increased stability, and assistance while walking.
  • Use the guide below to help you select the right walking stick for you.

How to Select Walking Sticks
Factors include stick height, left or right handed and type.

Walking Stick Height

Left or Right Hand

Using a walking stick at the correct height is essential. When measuring the handle should rest on the floor while your arm is relaxed. Then adjust or trim the stick to the crease of the wrist.

When using your walking stick, you should maintain an upright posture with the elbow slightly bent. Your body weight will be supported when you push down on the stick while walking.

If you need two walking sticks, the length should be slightly longer as they will be used ahead of the body when you are walking.

You should hold the stick in hand on the opposite side to the one that needs support if you are using a walking stick to compensate for an injury to your leg or joint on one side. If you use the stick for balance, you can use it with either hand.

Types of Walking Sticks

Adjustable walking sticks can be modified to different heights using simple spring-loaded catches and telescopic shafts.

Tripod and Tetrapod
Tripod and tetrapod walking sticks have a broad footprint to provide additional stability. These are best suited for heavier users who require a more stable base.

Folding Walking Sticks
Folding walking sticks are lightweight metal sticks with sectioned shafts that enable you to fold them for storage. For example, you may transport them within a handbag. Strong elastic runs inside the shaft to ensure that the stick remains stable in its open position.