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Rolyan® Manufacturing Company began as a small family business in 1967, entering the rehabilitation market in 1975 with the introduction of Rolyan® Polyform Thermoplastic Splinting Material.

Rolyan® later diversified into the realm of resistive exercise products, offering Therapy Putty and Exercise Bands.

Rolyan® has truly revolutionised the way patients are treated in an ever demanding healthcare setting.


Thermoplastic Splinting

Key Benefits

  • A vast range of sheet materials, pre-cuts and accessories
  • Allows perfect tailoring to individual needs
  • Simple application
  • Latex Free
  • Biodegradable
  • X-Ray translucent


Performance Health have introduced a new thermoplastic splinting material to join the Rolyan range.

CuraDrape is easy to cut, easy to form and lightweight, with a velvety soft, silky smooth finish. With a minimum to moderate resistance to stretch, CuraDrape is highly conformable, has excellent drapability and requires minimal handling.


Key Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Highly drapeable
  • Minimum to moderate resistance to stretch
  • Brilliant bright white and smooth finish
  • Moderate memory
  • Temporary bond

image Exercise Bands

Rolyan's extensive range of exercise bands comes in a variety of different lengths and progressive resistant levels which improve strength, range of motion and co-ordination.

Resistive Bands are the most flexible form of exercise assistance on the market, perfect for at home, in the gym or in clinic.

Key Benefits

  • Uniform progression between colours
  • Lightweight & portable for use in the home or in clinic
  • Smooth gradual resistance during stretching, encouraging consistent and repeatable exercise
  • Returns to original shape even after prolonged usage
  • Stronger physical properties which reduce the likelihood of tearing or snapping

image Therapy Putty

Designed to meet a wide variety of hand therapy and strengthening needs, putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched to form comprehensive rehabilitation programs which improve hand grip strength arising from arthritic conditions and trauma.

Key Benefits

  • Six distinct colours reflect established standards in resistive exercise, and progress from super soft tan to extra firm green
  • Combine any of the colours to create custom resistance to meet individual needs
  • Clean, non-toxic, non-oily and bleed proof


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