Biofreeze in the press

Biofreeze in the press

Biofreeze topical pain relief remedies have been hot in the press this year. Featuring in some of the largest national newspapers and magazines in the UK. It has been tested, reviewed and rated as a fantastic, versatile addition to the family’s medicine cupboard.

Just the tonic…

“A MUST HAVE for anyone’s first aid kit. Biofreeze spray (£9.99 for 118ml) eases muscle aches and spasms, soreness, sprains, strains, bumps and bruises. Spray on the injured area to reduce blood flow, lessen inflammation and allow the body to repair itself quickly. “

Daily Express - 19th September 2017

Biofreeze Makes Dose Weekly Hotlist!

“The massaging action of the roller ball stimulates trigger points. Great for use at home, in the gym, at work, and on the go”

Dose Blog- 11th - September 2017

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