Build your clinical practice into a financially lucrative business

Performance Health has teamed up with Chris and Karene Lambert-Gorwyn to offer our customers a comprehensive package of quality products and business intelligence. Learn fundamental commercial skills to help build your clinical practice into a financially lucrative business.

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn is a leading clinician of Chronic Back Pain. With clients in London, San Francisco and Sydney, he has two decades of experience in the complementary healthcare world.

But that’s not the full story. Despite his expertise, Chris, like most practitioners, has always struggled to survive financially. At one point he was close to quitting his profession to get a ‘real job’ which offered greater stability.

Recognising that the issue was not his expertise, but a lack of knowledge on how to run a successful business, Chris took the opportunity to study and immerse himself in Business Coaching with world class Coaches and Experts. The results? Chris went from over £100,000 in debt to a six-figure practice in just 10 months and won the Elite Legacy Profit Award for growing his practice over 650% in a single year.

Throughout his business transformation, Chris and his wife Karene realised that very few practitioners ever received business or financial training. Most practitioners, like Chris, were trained only to be experts in the clinical skills and techniques of their profession.

Alongside running Chris’s successful clinic, Chris and Karene are on a mission to help other practitioners build a six-figure income. They created a mentorship programme called ‘Passion to Profit for Practitioners’, where they share the 5 step Practitioner Success System that tripled Chris’s income within 2 months.

Chris and Karene have trained over 1000 practitioners in live events around the world and have spoken on the same stages as international business titans such as Sir Richard Branson, Kim Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington, Jill Fielding and Kane Minkus!

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