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Person in athletic gear clutching knee as if in pain.
1 August 2022

How to Treat 5 Common Summer Injuries

As temperatures rise, people gravitate toward spending more time outdoors. While it is great to get Vitamin D, it can also cause an increased risk for injuries. Prepare for common summer injuries that might cause you to see new patients this summer.
Man hitting golf swing
26 July 2022

5 Exercises to Reduce Golfer's Elbow Pain

If your patient has inner elbow pain, it might be golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis. As you know, it doesn’t just affect golfers. Use these exercises for long-term improvement and pain relief.
hands bending a theraband flexbar
15 July 2022

6 Tools for Measuring and Strengthening Your Patient’s Hand Grip

From a stroke to ageing to injury, many conditions can leave your patient with weak grip strength. This can impact their ability to drive, eat, write, and perform other daily tasks. You can help your patient strengthen their grip and return to their daily life using a variety of hand exercisers. Then, track the impact of your therapy with a hand dynamometer to measure your patient’s grip strength progress. Get started with our top six choices for measuring and strengthening hand grips!
Person in pain, holding groin area
22 June 2021

8 Exercises to Reduce Risk of Groin Injuries

If you're an active person, you may associate pain in the lower abdomen or groin to a muscle strain. Groin injuries are often seen in athletes who participate in sports such as ice hockey or football. As you get older, it’s more likely that the groin pain is the result of a hernia. While you can't prevent hernias, you can be aware that they are a common cause of groin pain. Learn more about the common types of groin injuries and how to prevent them from happening!