Top 10 Products for Your Occupational Therapy Patients

Top 10 Products for Your Occupational Therapy Patients

Top 10 Products for Your Occupational Therapy Patients

As patients recover, they need equipment to use in their home that will enable them to maintain their independence. The following are the top 10 products to send home with your patients to ensure they’re safe and comfortable with equipment that is suitable for their needs.

Top Products in This Article

1. Days 100 Series Rollator

The 100 Series Rollator is equipped with a sturdy aluminium frame and helps elderly or disabled users move independently with ergonomic handgrips for optimal control. The handles can be adjusted to a desired height for improved comfort. Available in a range of attractive and vibrant colours, the four-wheeled rollator offers reliable support.

2. Buckingham Caddy

The Buckingham Caddy has been developed by healthcare professionals to enable users of wheeled walking frames to safely transport a variety of items used in daily life, from their lunch plate to the TV remote. In most instances it can replace the need for a trolley enabling patients to carry most items safely and, more importantly, independently.

Watch this video to see how to best use the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy.

3. Homecraft Height-Adjustable Toilet Surround

The height-adjustable Toilet Surround provides extra support and safety when using the toilet. The moulded plastic armrests are easy to grip and hold during use. The frame is available in steel or aluminium, depending on preference. Steel will be heavier, with a higher maximum user weight capacity of 160kg, while aluminium is lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

4. Homecraft Walker Trolley

This Walker Trolley helps the user transport items around the home while creating a mobile, yet safe, way of ambulating. It is equipped with hand brakes that allow the user to either lock the walker or slow it down. The easy-to-clean design features clip-on plastic shelves and lockable hand brakes. Rails on the tray edges help prevent objects from slipping off.

5. Homecraft Height-Adjustable Wheeled Commode

The Homecraft Wheeled Commode is manufactured from durable chrome-plated steel, height-adjustable, and includes four swivel brake castors and a push handle to allow the commode to be wheeled over a toilet. Side transfers are easier and safer with the swinging drop arms. The easy-to-clean seat includes a removable padded seat cover so the commode can be used as a transfer chair.

6. Days Adjustable Crutches

The closed fixed armband on these Adjustable Crutches enable the user to retain the crutch on their arm even if they release their grip on the handle, preventing the crutch from dropping to the floor accidentally. Non-marking ferrules are slip-resistant, for added safety. Adjustment is easy using the simple push pin operation. The standard plastic hand grip is easily wiped clean to reduce the risk of cross infection.

7. Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat Without Lid

This Raised Toilet Seat features a gently contoured surface for increased comfort and slopes down slightly from the back to the front for easier adjustments. A large rear gap gives clearance for the coccyx and combined with the gentle downward slope of the seat fosters rear personal hygiene and an expansive front cut-out. Two L-shaped moulded plastic brackets have bonded non-slip rubber buffers to keep the toilet seat firmly in place.

8. Parnell Premier Bed Rail

The Parnell Bed Rail is the ideal solution to help get in or out of bed. The attractive, ergonomic design compliments virtually any bedroom. Functional, strong, hygienic, and safe, it provides the user with confidence and independence. Able to be stored flat, it can be easily assembled and quickly fitted to the bed without the use of tools. Designed for use with electrically adjustable beds, the bed rail can also be used on domestic beds including divans, pine and steel or wooden frame beds.

9. Days Standard Adjustable Walking Stick

Enable your patient to walk independently with a Days Walking Stick. Walking sticks are ideal for people who need minimal support while walking including the elderly and people with disabilities or limited mobility. This adjustable walking stick is made from lightweight anodised aluminium. It has a moulded plastic handle, and non-slip rubber ferrule for safety during use. It's also height adjustable.

10. Homecraft Handi-Reacher

Choose an improved Handi-Reacher for your patients with a rotating head and magnet tip. The moving jaw is contoured and rotates to grip nearly any object. It is ideal for anyone with limited mobility or range of motion. It’s easy to operate for anyone, especially users with hand and wrist injuries. The rotating head keeps users from twisting their wrists in painful ways. This reacher is perfect for maintaining as much daily functionality as possible while recovering from low body surgeries like hip replacements or ACL repairs. The large handle is also great for anyone with limited hand strength.

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